One easy-to-install, universal controller can power motors, pumps, compressors or other inductive loads, regardless of whether it is single or three-phase AC, 50 or 60Hz, 120 or 230Vac. Designed to handle remote off-grid installations, the weather-proof all-aluminium chassis is IP66 rated for harsh outdoor environments and can operate in high temperatures, humidity and corrosive environments. Other SunTech Drive products include the PicoBlender, which allows operators to choose to use solar power during the day and grid power at night if desired and larger versions of the PicoCell which can power motors of up to 5kW. The PicoCell 2000 can be purchased on its own or as part of a kit. The kit retails for R39 020 ex VAT and includes: Find the PicoCell 2000 at under the Motor/VSD Inverter section. 220v Single Phase Inverter Tags: Agricultural irrigationElectric MotorsLivestock Cooling (fans)Livestock wateringoff-grid solar powerPicoBlenderPicoCell 2000Sinetech Variable Frequency Drive, Variable Frequency Inverter, Frequency Inverter – Simphoenix,